Friday, April 16, 2010

Time Flies

I check on friends blogs and think "oh, they haven't written in awhile" and realized its been a month since I did. and what a month. Colin went into the army. He is at Fort Benning Georgia.

this was a quilt I saw at the cedar City retreat and thought I could just come up with my own hearts. I just need to wash it so the frayed edges stand up. It also goes on the pile that needs to be quilted.

I saw this in a magazine and have been collecting my reds to do it. I love the red and white look.
I got my March Schnibble (roundabout) done and love the colors.

I got this pattern last year at Material Girls in Salt Lake and have just kept the embroidery in the car to work on. I love how it turned out.

This years trip to Material girls with my great friend Teresa. She is so patient and goes from quilt store to quilt store with me.

Doesn't Pace look excited to be at Material Girls. He was a good sport and was my traveling partner for spring break.

Tanner and Pace have done a couple of Flag Ceremonies this past month. One was for the Little League Opening Day and another was a Eagle Court of Honor. They have been taught to do it with military precision and it is quite impressive after watching cub scouts twiddle on down the aisle. The grandkids (and their parents) were here for Easter. Weston just wanted the rocks but the others knew their was candy to be found.
I entered some quilts in the County Fair.

Pace entered a scarf he knitted. He sent it off to his cousin after the fair.

Tanner spent the week of the fair working with Joe Perez at the vendor entrance, checking in vendors, Making sure things with them went smoothly and general help with the vendors and then checking them out at the end. But life was good, he had a cart and a radio what more could he ask for.

I've been on a swap kick. I did another red, white and blue, no sew swap. This was my block and I'm waiting to get the others. These swaps are so fun. I did a tulip swap where we all use the same pattern but choose our own flower colors. I need to fix the leaves on mine, they should be going up. then I did a neighborhood swap. I did a flower shoppe. I loved it until I saw some of the others. they were beautiful. but mine is still cute. Can't wait to get all those and see my little town. I didn't think I'd done much this month but I feel better now.


  1. Love the human element mixed in! Your quilts look great!

  2. Love those quilts, great job, thanks for sharing. Jan in UK