Monday, March 15, 2010

Another week

I put Bentley and Tristan to work painting the playhouse. It is looking great.

Georgie was checking out the steer on the other side of the fence.

zach, allyson and the kids came to visit. Kennan and her kids came for a few days. It was lots of fun. Kennan got to be here for the monthly quilt day at my house. She even had a quilt she was hand quilting. I've slacked off my sewing the last couple of weeks. But I'm back to it today! yeah!

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  1. Hi Robin, I was all set to send you an email about the Red White and Blue No Sew Swap, but you have your settings as 'no reply', so I don't have an email address. We'd love to have you in the group, so please send me your email -