Monday, July 9, 2012

catching up!

All I ever seem to do is catch up. Time flies by so fast and a month has gone by then two or three. Here's what I've been up to.
My quilt got Reserve Grand Champion at the County Fair!
I submitted this one and got accepted to teach it at the Cedar city Quilt Retreat next January. I'm excited. I love that retreat. This one is done in Dr. Suess fabric.

I've sat through track meets. Here's Pace in the center. He did a great job this year. One more year of high school for him.
Tanner graduated from high school. Can't we made it through. He has been fun and involved in everything but school.
This is where he spends most of his time.....Out saving the world. I have to remind him sometimes to come home.
Gotta get back to quilting. I'll have to get a pix of the mountains of quilts I have to bind. Yuck. My least favorite part.

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