Thursday, March 15, 2012

Its the middle of March!

Can't believe how time flies. I'll look at my pix and see what I've been doing.
St. thomas is a town that was covered by Lake Mead when Hoover dam was built. the settlers had to leave it all in the mid 1930's. Because of the drought it is uncovered right now. You can walk the streets and see the building foundations. Even the trees (dead) that had lined the main street. We had a big celebration down there a couple of weeks ago. The two boys were part of a 10 mile handcart trek that the youth did that came down into St. Thomas. they had short dramas about the history of the town. Tom and I were in one of those and I helped organize the entertainment for the day. Here we are decked out for the occasion. We are standing inside the school foundation.

Here I'm leading the music for the opening ceremony. Connie Whitney is accompanying on an old pump organ that was played at the ceremonies held there in 1956 when the lake was down then. You can see the walls of the school foundation.
Got my quilts done that I took the classes for at the retreat.

I forgot to rotate it, My daughter in law's sister asked Pace to be her escort for the dance teams annual dance revue. They had to do a waltz at the end and they did great. I'm not biased but they were the best!
I took Tanner to see Donny and Marie at the Flamingo. He loved it. It was a great show and different from the last time I saw them. Tanner has learned to just stand by the posters and let me take the pix.
Our son Zach made the paper. He's that handsome policeman.

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  1. Gotta love a man in uniform!! ;-)

    Love your quilts Robin...especially the top one.

    Hugs Khris