Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The end of summer

My nieces and nephews and sons at Riley's Eagle Court of Honor, Yeah! he got it all done. On to the next boy!
My brother with 3 of his 4 boys.I'm on Sam's back now to get his project going.

first day of school. Tanner is a senior and Pace a junior. Its the countdown. I just might survive it all.

Tanner leads the band at the football games (with his back to us) and Pace is across the way in the red shirt playing his trumpet. I go to the games now to watch them.

When we have a fire out back I get to have my own dept here to monitor it. Tanner is excited any time he gets to wear his turnouts. I'm sure he was frying as it was 110 degrees out there.

Tom, looking his best, (or normal) munches away and surveys the going ons.
I tended Kennan's children while she went on a girls weekend to Carson city. The kids spent a lot of time in the cold pool. But seemed to love it. Bentley was the mighty hunter, Georgianna the bathing beauty and Tristan just had fun.

A few of the quilting buddies got together for a leaf swap. I found this panel and it worked out perfectly with my set of leaves.
well, back to work. I'm getting quilts quilted, I got my blocks from my halloween swap so I have to put those together, and finish my Christmas card holder. We're planning a finish it Friday get toigether so maybe I can get those projects done this week.

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