Monday, February 22, 2010

Winter Swap and other projects.

I was excited to get my 'no sew blocks' in the mail. My mom and a friend were in the groups too so we added a block or two to the pink one and got 12 blocks for that one.

I finished my winter swap mini quilt and got it off in the mail. I enjoyed doing it and hope she likes it.

I was also determined to get the quilts from the retreat finished so here's my little quilt show,


  1. The buzz saw is my favorite. But I also love the flower fabric quilt as Chad calls it.

  2. Robin:

    I loooooove my Winter Time Mini Quilt (and extra goodies)!! Thank you so much! I got it all in the mail today and what a great job you did. I love snowflakes so, thank you!!

  3. You certainly are productive! All your quilts look great. I like the sashing on your No Sew swap quilts. I was thinking white sashing but I like the pink and the blue.

  4. I want people pictures! throw Pace in next to a quilt!